Tower Power is a unique solution for providing continuous power to remote Microwave and Cellular Communication Towers Off-Grid. The contemplated roll-out of 4-G Networks world wide will result in a huge demand for a cell tower generating solution.

  • Tower Power can be installed on new or existing infrastructure
  • Retrofitting of many towers currently in the field is possible
  • Payback over existing Off-Grid solutions is approximately 1-2 years
  • Tower growth in North America is forecast at 8% per annum
  • Most emerging countries do not have a reliable grid infrastructure
  • Tower Power provides a power solution to global communications

Remote towers are currently serviced by teams in helicopters to fuel up the generator back-up power supply. This is expensive and inefficient. Tower Power is available up to 10kW with battery back up and alarm to give a window of opportunity to repair the system rather than shutdown.The location and sighting requirements of remote towers, is the perfect environment for DSHI Tower Power, the height and openness of the tower installation is conducive to maximum kinetic energy from the wind and an un-interrupted canopy to capture the maximum amount of solar radiation.

As with all DSHI Solutions, Carbon reduction & offset are critical benefits!


Tower Power typical communication use

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